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2021: Looking ahead at Liferaft

It’s been about a year since we started our journey at Liferaft and a lot has happened. As we head into a new year, Liferaft CEO reflects on where we are headed.

November 14, 2021

More Comprehensive Products

It’s been about a year since we started our journey at Liferaft and a lot has happened. There’s nothing quite like being live in the market to learn where we need to go and what we need to do. You ﹣ our customers ﹣ told us loud and clear what you were actually looking for: less exposure and more affordable care. And you were clear that what we had built, while interesting, was not enough: you wanted broader availability, broader coverages, broader utility.

Leveling Up

We listened and have spent the last eight months leveling up:

  • Alongside hospitalization, we have added coverages for accidents, injuries, and select medical conditions and illnesses to protect you from bankruptcy in serious situations.
  • We’ve launched our health savings account and debit card, so you can save by paying for services with pre-tax dollars.
  • We are continuing to grow our provider partnerships, so you can access top notch care at an affordable cost.
  • We are now available nationwide, with over 400+ partners who can help you determine what configurations are right for you.
"You wanted broader availability, broader coverages, broader utility."

Critical Illness and Cancer Products

Our new critical illness and cancer offerings are particularly important to me. A serious medical diagnosis can destroy a family and many simply don’t have enough protection. This has been on my mind for my own family since I made my first large insurance purchase when my wife was pregnant with our oldest child, a term life policy. I was so happy to have a product like that, where if anything were to happen to me, my family would be taken care of. But my career to that point had been spent modeling human disease, so I knew all of the serious things that can happen to a person that are not death but can still cause a huge problem for one’s ability to provide for their family. Where were the products for that? What coverages would help if I were to get a cancer diagnosis, have a heart attack or a stroke?

I’m proud to say that we now have these available on our platform, to anyone who wants them at an affordable price, with the quality and service you’ve all come to expect. It suffices to say I am recommending this to everyone I know.

Looking ahead

We’re really just getting started, with lots more in the works:

  • Coverages for lost work and wages
  • Benefits for preventive care
  • Tools to better understand your risks and exposures
  • An expanded health account with rewards that anyone can use
  • A national care network that is second to none
  • Options for increased affordability
  • And more

So if you’ve been with us from the start, thank you for your loyalty and patience ﹣ we are proud to serve you and create more of what you need. And if you’re just joining us today, thank you for choosing us﹣ we aim to support you and your family in those important moments.

As we said last year, the world we are working toward is one where you can

  • See the doctor you need
  • Access the most appropriate treatments
  • Save money on care

Your health plan shouldn’t determine your outcomes, rather you should be the one in charge. We are bringing this to life with Liferaft. Join us for the journey. Let us be your life raft.

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