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Discover how Liferaft Benefits is transforming employee healthcare with comprehensive fertility and IVF benefits, making supporting your team's journey to parenthood easier than ever.

October 13, 2023


The Impact of Fertility & IVF Benefits in the Workplace

Your guide to flexible & affordable benefits — download now.

Group health can be complex, restrictive, and costly. Liferaft offers something different.

Liferaft's Complete HRA Guide breaks down everything you need to know about health reimbursement arrangements, helping you determine if an HRA makes sense for your business.
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What you get in your guide:
• What is an HRA?
• HRA Requirements & Features
• Eligible HRA Expenses
• When an HRA Makes Sense
• Different HRA Types
• States Where HRA Works Best

Advantages of Fertility & IVF Benefits

Understanding Eligibility and Requirements

Legal Considerations and Regulations

2023 Year-End Report: 
HRA Trends & Insights

Liferaft's 2023 Year-End Report gives brokers and business owners the full breakdown of HRA market challenges, employer concerns, growth opportunities, and more, to help you can stay ahead of the curve.
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This whitepaper includes:
2023 HRA Trends  |  Top Employer Concerns  |  Trends in HRA Account Types  |  Potential Pitfalls & Challenges  |  ICHRA Enrollment Stats & Trends  |  2024 Areas of Opportunity & Growth

Types of Fertility & IVF Benefits

Coupling Fertility and IVF Coverage with Other Care

Support IVF & Fertility With Liferaft

Frequently Asked Questions

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