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Your Small Business Can Save With a Health Reimbursement Arrangement
Whether you want to offer money towards health insurance premiums or other expenses, a health reimbursement arrangement allows you to give money to your employees in a tax-advantaged way.
HRA Types
There are several different types of HRA - click to learn which one would be right for you.
HRA Deep Dive
A health reimbursement arrangement can be an effective way for businesses to save money on their health insurance, expand benefits, or increase employee flexibility. 
Explore common questions around the ICHRA, including IRS regulations, rules, best practices, and more.

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Small Business Insurance
For small business owners, offering health insurance can be overwhelming—these resources answer frequently asked questions and different ways owners can save on their insurance.
Group Health Insurance
Learn how you can combine an HRA with your group health plan to expand benefits or rethink how you are offering health insurance to large groups.

Is an HRA is right for your business?

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