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Liferaft Joins NABIP for Upcoming Webinar on HRAs

Join Liferaft and NABIP on July 30, 2024, for a webinar exploring how HRAs can transform your business’s healthcare benefits through real-world case studies and insights into the latest trends and opportunities.

June 28, 2024

Webinar July 30, 2024 | 1pm EST

Liferaft is excited to join the NABIP team for an upcoming webinar about Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) as part of the NABIP Running Your Business webinar series. On Tuesday, July 30, 2024, at 1pm EST, Nimish Shukla, COO and co-founder of Liferaft, will delve into the dynamic shift businesses are making toward HRAs. You can RSVP to attend here.

What to Expect

Nimish Shukla will present four compelling case studies, highlighting how companies are overcoming unique challenges with HRAs:

  • Providing Healthcare to Striking Part-Time Employees: Learn how businesses are extending healthcare benefits to part-time employees, ensuring they remain covered even during strikes.
  • Boosting Competitiveness of Benefits Packages: Discover innovative strategies for making your benefits package more attractive to potential employees.
  • Cutting Premiums with Innovative Deductible Support: See how companies are reducing premiums through creative deductible support mechanisms.
  • Saving $150,000 Annually with Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRAs): Explore the impressive cost-saving potential of ICHRAs.

The presentation will also cover some of the latest trends, including new tax incentives and technological developments that are transforming the HRA market.

HRAs Grow in Popularity

In today’s healthcare landscape, HRAs have emerged as a flexible and cost-effective solution for employers looking to provide robust health benefits without the high costs of traditional group plans. Liferaft, with its innovative approach and deep understanding of HRAs, alongside NABIP's extensive experience in business and healthcare integration, is uniquely positioned to offer valuable insights into how these arrangements can transform your benefits strategy.


RSVP to attend the Tuesday, July 30, 2024 webinar from 1 – 2pm EST on the NABIP website

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